Innovative Employee Rewards Program

Innovative Employee Rewards Program

Are you starting your own business? Or do you already have one? What do you think it takes for a company to get success? Well. The answer to this question will get longer and longer if we start to list them. However, some factors work as pillars to build a business. If we keep demands, competition, location, etc., aside, there is one more thing. 

We can consider that one thing to be one of the essential parts of an organization. If you want to build a successful empire, it is necessary to keep a healthy and happy inside. Can you work fine without a proper business strategy? No. It is nothing different from the employee engagement strategy. Yes, you heard it right. 

There are strategies to keep employees engaged with your company. Have you heard about the employee rewards program? It is a common term we get to hear from business organizations. All the people who give most of their days to the company deserve the reward. When they put so much effort into making your company reach higher goals, isn’t this your responsibility to do something for them?

Giving rewards to your employees will always have a positive effect on your company’s growth. Whenever we talk about reward programs, we always think of it as a hike in the salary. But the reward does not always have to be something related to money. A small effort from you can encourage your employees to work better. But what if we can add some creativity into the traditional employee reward programs?

Innovative reward ideas for happy employees

We are in 2021, the era of innovation and creativity. It does not take a lot to bring a smile to someone’s face, especially for the ones who work day and night to better your company. You don’t need to invest hours or tons of money in giving them the reward they deserve. Here are some unique things you can set as rewards.

  • Thank you notes

No wonder cards and letters can make anyone happy. If you have a team, you need to inform your seniors how hard your team members work. Don’t you think they deserve appreciation for their efforts? Of course, they do. You can convince your seniors to send the employees a thank you note. It will hardly take a few minutes to create the thank you note.

But your employees will find it precious. It will make them realize that they are a vital part of the company and need to keep working hard.

  • Pizza parties

There is no denying that everyone loves to party, especially after a hectic week. The two p’s are something we all crave. When there is pizza and a party, what else can you want? Throwing a small party at least once a month will give your employees a refreshment. It will also help you build a bond with them, which is essential to maintain a healthy workplace.

  • Celebrating special days

Apart from cake cutting on birthdays and having sweets on special occasions, there are more days you can celebrate. For example, if employees achieve something, you can mark it. It will make them feel comfortable and happy in their office. Getting a homely feeling from your office is another kind of satisfaction. 

Working in an office that has such an appreciative culture is nothing less than a blessing. A small cake from your side on an employee’s achievement can make them and others feel valuable to the company.

  • Free meals

When nothing can make you happy, food can, food can make any relationship better. A company needs to treat its human resources well. When you offer them a free meal or snack, they feel you care about them. Keeping a healthy relationship between you and your employees is doing a lot to the growth of your company. Food can be the bridge between these two tiers.

  • Free subscription to social sites

We live in the era of web series and movies. At this point, life feels incomplete without websites such as Netflix, hot star, zee, Amazon prime, etc. Among all these, Netflix is the most trending site. We all know the subscription charges but still cannot stay away from them. In this condition, you can gift your employees a free subscription to Netflix as their reward for the hard work.

It will instantly make them cheerful and put their 100 percent in their job.

  • updated technologies

Working gets more comfortable when the required tool or equipment is the brand new version of the technology with tons of features. As a senior, you can reward your employees with upgraded tools and technologies and make their job a bit easier for them.

  • Give happy hours

Working for hours can affect your employee’s mood. Headache is a common after-effect of hard work. Instead of asking them about the job, you can make their mood light with a happy hour. A happy hour is something your employees may be looking for during a project. 

You don’t need to pat on their back to appreciate the hard work; you can order some snacks for them, give them some time to listen to their favorite music and relax or walk through the garden, etc.

  • Add music to work

Music can bring happiness to the soul. Working feels a lot better when there are your favorite songs playing in the background. You can allow your employees to play music during their work hours as a token of reward.

Importance of these programs

Be it the incentive program or a b2b loyalty program, and it requires all the tiers of your company. Having a reward program for your employees will encourage them to work more. It will not only help them develop but also increase the production of your company. A small encouragement from your side will make their professional lives better.


There are many ways you can reward your employees; all you need is to understand their worth. Every employee plays a vital role when it comes to the growth of a company. Lack of interest and engagement from them can make your business fall apart. Show some respect and trust to the people who walk with you in the journey, give them a reward they deserve.

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