Hiring a Domestic Helper in Singapore? How to Find the Cheapest Maid Insurance Plan

Hiring a Domestic Helper in Singapore? How to Find the Cheapest Maid Insurance Plan

Are you looking forward to hiring a domestic helper in Singapore? Well, if you answered yes, then you are in the right place. If you want to run your household things smoothly, then you have to hire a domestic helper. But if you are from Singapore and want to hire a domestic helper, you first have to purchase a maid insurance policy. Choose a maid insurance policy that covers medical, personal, and liability coverage.

For this, you have to aware of the different terms of maid insurance policy and its advantage. You have to compare the best insurance policy to choose the one that offers extra coverage. There are various agencies and other private organisations where you can visit to purchase the best cheapest maid insurance plans. If you want a policy that covers protection against various accidents and flexible with the cost, continue this.

About maid insurance policies and the coverage it offers

Maid insurance is a type of policy that is specially designed for the maids in Singapore. If you want to hire a maid in Singapore or if you already have one, then according to MOM, it is mandatory to purchase. A maid insurance policy covers medical insurance coverage starting from $1500. It also covers a personal accident coverage of $40000 with a security bond of $5000.

You can purchase this policy from the finance company as well as from the private organization and agencies. To choose a perfect organisation, you have to browse the internet. You have to compare the prices of different policies to choose the best one. You can apply for this online by saving your time and efforts. But before purchasing, you should check the service provider and the coverage they provide to their customer.

The maid insurance policy covers workplace-related accidents and medical care charges. It provides a lump sum amount of money to your maid’s family in case of accidental death and permanent disability. It covers medical charges expenses, including bed and other medical charges with expenses on wages, repatriation expenses, and all. If you talk about the cost of a maid insurance policy, it is different for different policies.

For the different duration of insurance, you have to pay different amounts. You can buy a maid insurance policy of 14 months and 26 months of duration. The 14-month policy is cheaper than the 26-month policy. But if you talk about the coverage, then in the 26-month policy, you will get better coverage than the 14-month policy. While purchasing any plan, make sure that it fulfills your requirements and flexible to claim.

How to find the cheapest maid insurance plan?

If you are looking for the cheapest maid insurance, then you can directly visit the insurance companies. By visiting insurance companies, you will get better security and coverage. If you need this policy within a shorter time, you can visit the maid agency. You can also apply for this insurance by visiting various financial organisation sites.

You can search on the internet and ask for a quote to them by sending a message or mail. By comparing the prices of different plans and their coverage, you can get the cheapest maid insurance plan from the leading insurance agency. To get the best maid insurance policy, you have to find out whether your maid has any pre-existing condition or not.

After this, you have to decide your maid’s coverage and consider the optional add-ons. Most of the agencies also offer some discounts and promotions to attract clients. If you have a lower budget, then you can visit these agencies. When it comes to comparing the policy, you should compare this by considering a few factors that include hospital and surgical coverage, third party liability, outpatient support, etc.

Most of the employers also offer the best critical illness insurance in Singapore for the safety of their maids. But is there any ideal time to purchase this policy? Well, yes, the policy starts from the 5th day from the date of purchasing. If you are buying this policy for the new maids, it starts from your maid’s arrival day.

Are you looking to apply for this?

To apply for a maid insurance policy in Singapore, you have to fill up the application form. With this, you have to include some other papers that include the maid’s work permit number, passport number, and SB transmission number. By applying for this policy, you can get a lot of benefits. You can cover the expenses against unexpected advantages. It is not helpful for your maid but their family also.

If you want to renew your maid insurance policy, then you have to follow some simple steps. Visit your insurance company’s website and click on the BUY now button, then select the renewal option and submit all the necessary information they ask for. Upload all the documents that include your maid’s current passport and his/her travel document, embarkation card, photo, and all. After doing all the things, wait for the new work permit card. The new permit card will be delivered to you within seven working days. After receiving the new permit card, return the last one. For more detailed information, you can take help from a financial expert.

By getting this, your domestic helper gets coverage from their personal belongings, Repatriation expenses, wage compensation, and outpatient expenses. Getting the right maid insurance policy is confusing for you, but you can easily choose the best one when you have the right solution and expert help. Before buying, make sure that it contains coverage as per your requirements.


Before hiring a domestic helper for your home, make sure to perform their duty comfortably without any worries. By purchasing this policy, you make them feel safe and secure at their workplace. If you also want to purchase or renew this policy for your domestic helper, visit the insurance companies and maid agencies that offer policies at the best affordable price. So, collect all the documents required to submit a maid insurance policy and visit the best organization.

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