A personal loan is a quick fix to an array where both personal and professional needs. It might help you in finding an amount for a medical emergency, financing your educational needs, consolidating all debt payments, and other big-ticket purchase. Usually, the loan type will not require you to pledge any collateral thing in the bank. And, it is an easy mode of financing that helps you to consider and comply with a few pre-set parameters.

It includes a good credit score i.e. a score of 750 or beyond, age, employment status, a steady source of monthly income, etc. Individuals who wish to get a personal loan must have to meet the standards. Once an individual qualifies the loan eligibility, then they can offer an instant flush of liquidity.

With a personal loan, an individual must get both ups and downs. The article helps you to remind about the pros and the cons of the personal loan. You can arrive at the smart decision after glancing at both the things mentioned clearly.

Pros Of The Personal Loans

One Loan Satisfies All Your Multiple Needs

The distinctive advantage of a personal loan will become a multi-purpose way to satisfy your financial needs. It might help you to meet several obligations no matter what the scope of the need remains. From allowing you to satisfy your dreams of buying your dream car, the personal loan approval never fails in satisfying the individuals’ wishes.

There are many reasons to avail a personal loan. The personal loan to act as a multi-purpose loan is one of the best pros for the individuals.

Do Not Need To Rely On The Collateral

Many personal loans do not require any kind of collateral. It makes them feel good and become a perfect choice for people who have not done anything of value to borrow against the other.

You Can Borrow Any Amount

Typically, the amounts for the personal loan would be fixed by the respective financial institution. It means that you can borrow a lot more with the type of this loan. The personal loan is something that helps you monetarily unlike the credit card. Yet, you can use personal loans for the relatively small amount too.

Rates Are Reasonable

Personal loans are often cheaper when compared with credit card borrowing. From the borrower perspective, a good credit score will always help in reducing an interest rate of up to 5% APR. In contrast, the credit cards usually charge at least 13% APR, even for the most creditworthy customers.

You Do Not Need Great Credit

It is highly possible to qualify a personal loan even when you have poor credits. Few lenders are willing to lend you a personal loan with a credit score of about 600 or even lower. They will likely pay high-interest rates like 36% APR. However, they are still much less than the interest on a payday loan. It is one of the most common options for subprime borrowers.

Getting Plenty Of Time To Repay

Another big problem with the payday loans is that you can get a couple of weeks to pay them off in full. Many cash-strapped borrowers will manage this and end up rolling over the loan or taking out another one right away. Personal loans will always give you a year to pay off the debt thereby breaking it down into monthly installments.


Herewith, we have glanced about the pros of the personal loan. But, there is also a downside in availing personal loans. They have been enlisted below.

Huge ROI

ROI here stands for the rate of interest. Compared to other loans, personal loans have been subjected to higher rates of interest. The simple reason behind it is that it does not warrant you to put your assets on the line. You can make the repayment monthly. But, it becomes problematic when you do not have adequate resources for your disposal.

Stringent Eligibility Parameters

The stringent eligibility parameters are the fact that makes the personal loan more unsecured. Banks generally look for an appropriate monthly income level before approving your application. Besides, you can also take a look at your credit score. The credit score always plays an important role thereby becoming a sub-par score when you mar your chances of in personal loan approval for availing the desired loan amount.

Rigidity In Repaying The Amount

There are many provisions available to choose a flexible repayment period. Yet, banks are not too accommodating when it comes to the tempering process with the schedule. It almost takes up the pre-payment or part-payment out of the equation. It means that you might have to stick in repaying the amount over the entire tenure of the loan.


From these factors, it is evident that personal loans are the convenient mode of financing when you are ready to bear with the slight ups and downs during the payment tenure. Discover more about personal loan with EasyFind – how to get a personal loan.

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